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950 Series  UNITS – A/C & HEATER

            AIR CONDITIONING UNITS - Each of the units have been designed for specific applications. Several are rugged off-road units,
            the majority are universal in application but limited as to how they are mounted (backwall, headliner, rooftop, underdash/factory,
            and floor). When choosing an air conditioning unit for a specific application, you must always consider the BTU and CFM ratings
            along with the type of mounting. This will insure a properly functioning a/c system.
            CONDENSERS - Each of the condenser units are designed to pair with all types of air conditioning units. BTU rating's must be
            considered for a proper match and in most cases, bigger is better. The condenser cools the hot refrigerant gas to a liquid. The
            cooler the refrigerant is when it gets to the air conditioning unit the more effective the system is. This lowers system pressures and
            will extend compressor/clutch life. There are three types of condensers: remote, rooftop, and radiator mount.
            COMPRESSORS - The compressor is the heart of the system. It provides the mechanical energy to move refrigerant throughout
            the system and manipulate pressures. There are a variety of compressor choices depending on the application. Available choices
            are: Dodge, Ford, GM Harrison, Nippondenso, Sanden, Seltec, and T/CCI.
            HOSE KITS - These kits have been designed to simplify the ordering of all the small parts necessary to complete an a/c installa-
            tion. A typical kit includes proper lengths of refrigerant hose, fittings, receiver drier, drier bracket, pressure switch, o-rings, and an
            assortment of hose mounting clamps.
            MOUNT and DRIVE KITS - These kits have been designed for specific applications. A typical kit includes compressor bracket,
            hardware, and a drive belt. Universal bracket kits are available for custom build applications. Refer to the compressor – service
            parts section of catalog for a full listing. Application specific mount and drive kits are not listed in catalog. Please call your local
            distributor with the application for more information.

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